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Chicago, Illinois, April 2024 – In April 2024, Jeff Borello, co-founder and CEO of Andromeda Technology Solutions, was invited to share his knowledge with Alessandro Cutri, Co-Founder at Grow IT. 

Grow IT is a podcast where IT founders and leaders are interviewed and discuss pertinent topics in the Information Technology industry.  

Jeff has been in the IT industry for over 30 years. His passion is serving people and prides himself on offering excellent customer service. A trend Jeff is noticing right now is the importance of cybersecurity. He says that business owners should not become numb to the chatter and focus on the importance of security in every part of their company.  

When looking at your business, using the cloud, integrated systems and security; things have become much more complicated. It is a complex job that needs a dedicated, professional IT team. Attackers are targeting more and more small to medium size businesses. 

Andromeda Technology Systems is focusing currently on Midwest manufacturing companies. They really want to be the expert for this sector. Their clients get the value from the experience of the team. Andromeda’s number 1 priority is keeping your business up and running. 

Some challenges Andromeda sees from their clients is a lack of investment in their technology and security. They need a full understanding that security is no longer optional. It is hard to quantify the ROI from technology.  

Listen to the full podcast here.  

Jeff Borello co-founded Andromeda Technology Solutions with Bill Utz and Pat McDonald. As CEO, he is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the company, but more specifically takes the lead on two of the most important things in the company:  Client Satisfaction and Company Culture. 

Andromeda Technology Solutions provides technology support for businesses with Managed IT Services. Servicing Greater Chicagoland, Northwest Indiana, Greater Milwaukee in Wisconsin and the entire midwestern United States. Established in 1994, Andromeda strives to achieve their core purpose and mission, Helping People Succeed. 

For more information, visit www.wenetwork.com. 

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