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NOTE: Payment options are changing!

Payment Choices
Until we retire it completely, you may still use our long-standing (BNG) payment gateway for invoice payments through either Credit Card (processing fees apply) or ACH.

We are now operating under our new Wise-Pay payment system.  Wise-Pay allows Payers to have a free account that enables them to have a secure management portal to manage Credit Card, Bank Account, Invoices and Payments through a secure method. 

You may already have been invited by Andromeda to sign up under Wise-Pay.  If so, you can use the "Log In" button provided below to use your previously registered Credit Card (again, processing fees apply) or Direct Deposit bank account information.
Just getting started with Wise-Pay? See the instructions below on how to create an account.

We encourage you to start using Wise-Pay for your invoice payments as soon as you can as the BNG options will be retired soon. Besides, it's faster and easier using pre-saved credit card/bank account information!

A couple important notes before you start:

  • You may enter more than one invoice # at a time.
  • Once completed, a receipt will be emailed to you.
    If you do not receive a receipt via email, please reach out to our team at (815) 836-0030

Proceed to the Wise-Pay login page. Enter your previously created Account credentials to log in. Then submit invoice payment(s) using your pre-saved payment information (Direct Deposit or Credit Card)

Need to Create an Account?
  1. Find a recent Invoice email from Andromeda (using ""—always carefully verify From addresses!)
  2. Click the "Secure Online Payment" button in the Invoice email (Note: only available for invoices numbered above 200000).
  3. Create your Wise-Pay account and save your payment method details.
  4. Continue with Invoice payment(s)
Once your Wise-Pay account is created, you can use either Invoice email links or return to this webpage and click the Log In button for future payments.

Use the ACH option to enter your bank account information on a secure portal to transfer invoice payment. (There are NO processing fees applied with this option.)

Use the Credit Card option to enter your Credit Card information over a secure portal to execute invoice payment. (There is a processing fee applied with this option.)