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Since 1994, Andromeda Technology Solutions has kept businesses safe, secure, and running. Whether you need proactive IT services or advanced building security, we're your go-to resource.

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We've grown from a group of three to a team 50 people strong – all dedicated to the core purpose of helping our customers succeed.


Andromeda was honored to be named as one of the 2022 Best Places to Work in Illinois. Explore the new frontier of your career and view our open positions.

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We’ve served 2,500+ clients in our 28+ year history. Whether you're located near our headquarters in the Chicagoland area or have needs on a national level, we can help you with all your business IT and building security needs.


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Don't let unmet IT and building security needs spin your spacecraft out of control. Discover how our IT services and full suite of building security solutions will keep you grounded.


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Technology is constantly evolving – and so are building security threats. Stay in orbit with the latest developments via our regularly updated resource library.

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Are you an existing customer in need of support? Submit a ticket and we'll report to the bridge shortly.

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Technology is constantly evolving. Security threats are, too. Andromeda was created to keep your business safe, secure, and running. After all, you wouldn’t try to launch a rocket with 1994’s (or even 2004’s…or 2014’s) technology – why would you try to run your business that way?

Our Story

To the Cloud…and Beyond

Founded in 1994, we've grown from a group of three to a team 50 people strong – all dedicated to one core purpose: "Our passion is serving others so they can succeed and achieve their passion."

As technology has become more focused around the network and the cloud over the years, we have found synergy between our two main offerings – managed IT services and building security. This convergence allows our clients to eliminate issues, unnecessary vendors, and frustration from their lives – by having just one number to call to solve all your problems.

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Jeff Borello



Bill Utz

VP of IT & ​Professional Services


Pat McDonald

VP of Building Security Solutions


Tony Zaragoza

Director of Operations​


Carl Utz

VP of Growth


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Keep Your Business Safe, Secure, and Running

We’ll take a proactive approach to your manufacturing IT – and help your business blast off.