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Chicago, Illinois, June 2024 – On June 12, 2024, Jeff Borello, co-founder and CEO of Andromeda Technology Solutions, was invited to the Particle Accelerator Podcast. Jeff was interviewed by Benjamin Johnson, founder and CEO of Particle41, a global software consultancy. As host of The Particle Accelerator podcast, Benjamin talks with forward-thinking CEOs and technology leaders about how they leverage technology to accelerate business growth and value.

Jeff has been in the IT industry for over 30 years. His passion is serving people and prides himself on offering excellent customer service.

A quote that speaks to Jeff is from Thomas Edison and says “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” He lives this motto and understands how difficult it is to always work hard.

When asked by Benjamin what the greatest invention or discovery of the last 300 years. Jeff explained how helpful maps and detailed navigationare. He talked about how easy a recent road trip to view the solar eclipse was using this free tool.

While discussing Andromeda's company culture, Jeff says he encourages employees to not be afraid to make a mistake. He advises everyone to try things. Another part of the culture is great communication. This is a differentiator for quality service within business.

Andromeda helps clients by listening and understanding where their business is going and how we can align the technology to get them there. This allows clients to make the best decisions to get them the best results. We provide really great service for a good value.

A core value of Andromeda is grit. Nothing is easy. You have to be willing to put in the time, the effort and stick with it. Not everything is instant gratification. This talks about how we add value to clients who choose to work with us and giving them the quality service they expect.

Listen to the full tech podcast here.  

Jeff Borello co-founded Andromeda Technology Solutions with Bill Utz and Pat McDonald. As CEO, he is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the company, but more specifically takes the lead on two of the most important things in the company:  Client Satisfaction and Company Culture. 

Andromeda Technology Solutions provides technology support for businesses with Managed IT Services. Servicing Greater Chicagoland, Northwest Indiana, Greater Milwaukee in Wisconsin and the entire midwestern United States. Established in 1994, Andromeda strives to achieve their core purpose and mission, Helping People Succeed. 

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