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Managing Technology for Manufacturers: An Interview With Andromeda's CEO

We're excited to announce that our CEO, Jeff Borello, was recently invited to participate in an exclusive interview with CEOCFO Magazine. As a leading publication covering C-level business executives and their companies, CEOCFO spoke with Jeff to learn more about Andromeda's managed IT and security services for manufacturing firms across the Midwest.

During the in-depth discussion, Jeff had the opportunity to explain Andromeda's unique approach to outsourced technology. He discussed how we operate dual IT and physical security divisions to serve as fully outsourced partners, in addition to our strategic focus on helping clients in the manufacturing sector. Read on for a peek at Jeff’s insights into what sets us apart – from taking time to deeply understand client operations to staying ahead of the latest technology changes. 

Understanding What Makes Manufacturers Tick

Jeff emphasized Andromeda's specialized expertise within the manufacturing realm throughout the interview. Serving manufacturers with the right IT and physical security solutions involves a lot of listening. As Jeff explained, Andromeda spends a lot of time trying to make sure we understand our clients’ businesses, how they operate, and where they make their money. It’s also important to know what is mission-critical to ensure we keep manufacturing operations running smoothly. 

In manufacturing, systems like wireless networking, ERP software, and IT infrastructure have to support machinery that may need to be operational at all hours. By taking a consultative approach upfront and listening closely to clients' needs, Andromeda ensures we can help them make the best decisions to improve their operations.


As Jeff pointed out, other managed IT providers may bring pure technical skills – but lack the manufacturing insights Andromeda embeds company-wide. While new technologies pop up every day, implementing solutions at a medical office with low ceilings is very different from putting them in a manufacturing space where you need lifts. We understand the manufacturing industry and what our clients need – so they can stay secure and effective.

The Andromeda Difference

Jeff also provided a transparent look into Andromeda's culture, vision, and growth strategy for the future as we continue expanding our services for manufacturers. He discussed how we make strong communication cornerstones of every engagement, which is why our clients view Andromeda as a true partner in tackling their most pressing technology and security needs.

It can be difficult for business leaders to understand what managed IT services can do for them. As regular end-user technology has gotten easier, everyone expects business systems to follow that same path. Unfortunately, they’ve only gotten more complex – which is where we come in. Our goal is for clients to think of us as a partner and understand that we’re the experts. 


We’re thrilled Jeff had the opportunity to represent Andromeda in CEOCFO Magazine. Check out the full interview or book a meeting with our experts to learn more about what we can do for your manufacturing business.

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