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Since 1994, Andromeda Technology Solutions has kept businesses safe, secure, and running. Whether you need proactive IT services or advanced building security, we're your go-to resource.

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We've grown from a group of three to a team 50 people strong – all dedicated to the core purpose of helping our customers succeed.


Andromeda was honored to be named as one of the 2022 Best Places to Work in Illinois. Explore the new frontier of your career and view our open positions.

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We’ve served 2,500+ clients in our 28+ year history. Whether you're located near our headquarters in the Chicagoland area or have needs on a national level, we can help you with all your business IT and building security needs.


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Don't let unmet IT and building security needs spin your spacecraft out of control. Discover how our IT services and full suite of building security solutions will keep you grounded.


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Technology is constantly evolving – and so are building security threats. Stay in orbit with the latest developments via our regularly updated resource library.

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Genetec Security Experts

Gain complete protection and visibility across your organization with Genetec’s portfolio of enterprise physical security solutions.


For Genetec Security Solutions?

As an authorized Genetec reseller, Andromeda has the skills and experience to deliver a customized security system that meets your unique needs. From consultations to full installations, we’re here to optimize your Genetec solutions so you can have peace of mind knowing your mission control center is secure.



Andromeda’s integration experts are licensed Genetec installers who can help you achieve the ideal system for your organization’s security needs. We’ll oversee the installation and configuration process to ensure your new Genetec system keeps space invaders at bay.


Access Control

Control access to your facility with integrated Genetec access control solutions. Our security engineers will design, install, and service a door access system that leverages Genetec software to unify your access controls with video and other security solutions, so you can fortify operations and keep unauthorized visitors out.



Update your video surveillance system without putting a strain on your IT infrastructure with Genetec Omnicast. Genetec’s IP-based VMS combines live HD video, real-time data analytics, dynamic camera maps, and more in a scalable, easy-to-customize platform to help your security teams respond to incidents faster. 


Security Cameras

Improve visibility across your warehouse, loading docks, staging areas,  and parking lots with advanced CCTV camera systems. Our surveillance systems integrate with Genetec software to make it easy for management and security teams to view live feeds, see who’s on the property, and respond to active threats quickly and efficiently. 


Security Center

Unify all aspects of your security infrastructure into a single, centralized system with Genetec Security Center. The Security Center platform offers all the tools you need to protect your building and staff, including Omnicast video surveillance, access control, threat response, and more – so you can understand your environment better than ever before.



A well-implemented Genetec VMS offers 24/7/365 protection, but not every dealer has the knowledge or experience to implement these advanced systems properly. We’ll leverage our expertise as authorized Genetec resellers to evaluate your hardware needs and determine the best locations to place your security devices to maximize your system’s potential. 


Cloud Link

Modernize your existing security system with Genetec Cloud Link. Cloud Link connects legacy hardware to the cloud, reducing the need for off-the-shelf servers and giving your business the flexibility to remotely monitor and manage a wide range of access controls, video recordings, alarm systems, and more – from anywhere, any time. 


Mission Control Center

Ready to secure your building, employees, and critical assets with Genetec? Contact Andromeda today for help implementing the right solutions for your business from a trusted Genetec partner.


Security Solutions

Andromeda can help you get more out of your technology by integrating your IT and Genetec security solutions. Our security engineers will help you build a comprehensive security system that streamlines operations by pulling all key technologies together for your business so that you can maximize the impact of your investments.

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No matter your industry, we’ll help you select and implement Genetec solutions that secure your building and keep your most valuable assets safe. 


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We’ll take a proactive approach to your manufacturing IT – and help your business blast off.